About Us

Natural Stones from Turkey
Quality Products & Service

Natural Stone LLC was founded in 2006, we have built a reputation for quality project management, reliability + personal service. We are at the forefront of the travertine and marble industry as we have unmatched resources from the finest quarries in Turkey. We take it one step further with a select member of our team working directly at the factory to oversee quality travertine and marble is sent to our Warehouse in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Our team enjoys what we do and is constantly striving for excellence. We work hard to offer our clients first quality products, so our clients believe in us and we continue to work hard for them. We carry a full range of popular types, finishes and sizes with a range of complimentary accessories. We set out with a simple philosophy: to build successful and personal relationships by providing excellent service and top quality materials.

Our Process
  • 1


    Core Samples

    Core samples are necessary to determine where mining takes place.

  • 2



    Mine for the ideal quality stone from the mountainside

  • 3



    Slice and segment various slabs of the stone

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    Materials will be shiped straight to your store or jobsite